Canberra Property Stands Out With Striking Real Life Photos

Canberra Property Stands Out With Striking Real Life Photos

A Canberra agent has converted storyteller, by using a fresh, ground breaking photographic style to help communicate the narrative of virginia homes. Holly Komorowski, main in the home By Holly, has considered upbeat, personalised pictures which include couples and people to market her listings alternatively than traditional real property images of stark and bare rooms. The individualised photographs have even included cameo looks by family dogs and cats.

Komorowski says her company is becoming more creative using its marketing; boasting people in advertising imagery helps communicate the story of your home, specifically potential housebuyers who may be suitable for the house, she says.

“Once you start pressing through the pictures, it communicates that which you wanted. Right away it lets you know it’s a family group house,” she says.

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“We make an effort to think of these type of things, who the house may charm to and put into action strategies where we can.

“For 40 Coranderrk Avenue, Reid we used people in the images. The reason why we does that is the fact that the house got a very traditional heritage style sense about it. It absolutely was stunning but we really sought to ensure it reached away to households and conveyed a feeling of liveability for households.

“It’s about the liveability – we wish these to love the house. We want those to be linked and eventually have the best consequence for our vendor by causing sure our potential buyers are really psychologically connected.”

Komorowski says the new design of pictorial marketing has turned out to activate more intimately with audience.

“We market our homes in a different way,” she says.

“Just how we communicate images and the narrative of the house is a spot of difference to other organizations in Canberra, therefore i think that’s really adding to the engagement that people have with this properties.”