Loan to pensioners in Bank: terms of receipt

Most categories of the population take loans in banks for various purposes. But pensioners in such organizations because of well-known reasons are not always happy to see. In order to receive a guarantee that the funds issued on credit will be repaid, many banks set rather tough conditions for persons who have reached retirement age. But a loan for pensioners in Bank is an exception to the rule. This organization is always happy to lend to customers over 60 years old. Consider the conditions for granting loans to people who have retired in this organization. 

Features of the loan

Features of the loan

Bank sees potential in people of retirement age and willingly helps them because of the following features of this category of persons:

  1. They have a permanent guaranteed income in the form of monthly pension accruals.
  2. The income they receive has a fixed value, which greatly simplifies the calculation of payments in order to pay the loan to pensioners in Bank of Russia.
  3. Such people almost always belong responsibly to the conclusion of any agreements, therefore always comply with the instructions of the loan agreement.

If the client is under the age of 75, he can count on the following conditions for obtaining a loan:

  • the amount of 15 thousand to 150 thousand rubles;
  • the term of the contract is from 3 months to 5 years.

The amount received by the borrower will solve any financial problems. The money that the Bank of Russia issues in debt to many pensioners can be used for your pleasure, because after 60 life is just beginning. They can also be spent on repairs in the house or apartment, on the purchase of new household appliances, on a journey that has been postponed for a long time.

In Bank, pensioners are offered favorable interest rates, comfortable conditions for payments. Employees of the organization will help to understand all the intricacies, make a list of required documents, assist in filling out an application for receiving money.

Loans to retirees in Bank provide favorable conditions to those borrowers who are clients of the organization, have their own account here or receive retirement charges through it. Bank issues a loan to retirees, the interest rate of which depends on the term of the loan agreement:

  • when returning the entire debt for no more than 24 months, the client will be offered a rate of 20 to 24%;
  • If, according to the terms of the contract, the pensioner will return the money for a period of 2 to 5 years, Bank will provide a loan to pensioners whose interest rate will be from 21.6 to 25.5%.

If the pensioner’s age at the time of payment exceeds 75 years or the required amount exceeds the limit of 150 thousand rubles, a guarantee of 2 persons is required. The maximum amount of funds issued will be 3 million rubles, and the return period is up to 5 years.

If the loan period is very small, Bank can reduce the interest rate to a value of 19.5%. A quick loan, which is processed in just 2 hours, can be issued to persons who meet all the requirements. In this case, you need only one document – a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Customer requirements


When a pensioner contacts an organization to receive a Bank pension loan, it will be necessary to file an application. During its consideration, employees of the organization will check the client for compliance with the requirements put forward to it:

  1. The borrower should already have the first payment of the pension at the time of drawing up the application.
  2. The pension is transferred to an account opened with Bank. If the pensioner uses a different organization, funds for it will be available only on general terms.
  3. To receive money without a guarantee to the client at the time of the refund should not be over 65 years.
  4. If at the time of debt repayment the client’s age is 75 years or exceeds it, a guarantee from an individual will be required.
  5. No outstanding loans in any other organization.
  6. No overdue loans on Bank and other organizations.
  7. The size of regular payments should not exceed 50% of the sum of pension accruals.

If a Bank client at retirement age meets the above requirements, he will be provided with a loan on favorable terms.

Documents required for loan processing

Documents required for loan processing


Citizens of the Russian Federation who have retired to receive credit funds, it is important to receive pension accruals in Bank. The database of this organization in this case will contain all the required information about the borrower. It is necessary to make an application and submit a passport, after 2 hours the client will be informed of a positive decision. If a citizen of Russia receives a pension through another institution, it is necessary to provide a document issued by the Pension Fund, which indicates the amount of charges.

With low rates of pension payments, loans to pensioners at Bank require conditions that consist in the need to collect the following list of documentation:

  • Help 2-NDFL, if the client is a working pensioner;
  • a document from the tax authority, if the borrower is the owner of the business;
  • rental agreement, if the client rents a property;
  • references 2-NDFL from working guarantors;
  • certificates from the Pension Fund of pensioners who are a married couple. In this case, both retirees can play the role of joint borrowers.

Since the most favorable interest rates are offered to pensioners receiving pension payments in Bank, it makes sense to conclude a joint loan agreement if both pensioners receive pension accruals through this organization.

Offers to pensioners


To date, there is no special program for pensioners, which corresponds to the one that was previously (a consumer preferential loan for pensioners in Bank at just 12% per annum). However, the organization periodically holds various promotions and offers loyal conditions for regular customers. For example, there is a proposal “Green light to your dreams”, in which loans are issued at a total of 14.5%. However, the loan amount must exceed 300 thousand rubles.

Bank for pensioners under the age of 65 has the following lending programs:

  1. A loan for any cash needs, for example, a consumer loan to pensioners in Bank in the amount of up to 1.5 million rubles (repayment period is up to 60 months).
  2. A loan with a guarantee of up to 3 million rubles for a period of up to 60 months.
  3. Mortgage loan, designed for military retirees. The maximum amount is 500 thousand rubles in the absence of guarantors and 1 million rubles – with a guarantee.

Bank programs for pensioners under the age of 75:

  • borrowers with their own farm can receive up to 700 thousand rubles for a period of up to 5 years;
  • customers willing to provide their real estate as collateral will receive a loan of up to 20 million rubles.

The basis for the decision is always the amount of income of the borrower. If the borrower has a low pension, but there are other sources of income, it is necessary to state them.

For example, many retired people engage in agricultural activities and sell grown vegetables, fruits, livestock, and so on. Others rent real estate and also have additional income. All these data increase the likelihood of receiving loans for retirees in Bank.

Mortgage loans

Mortgage loans


Since many retirees want to secure the future of their children or grandchildren, mortgage loans for real estate are increasingly in demand. Therefore, the question “Does Bank provide loans to retirees for real estate?” Is highly relevant.

Borrowers in retirement age can no longer rely on a favorable social loan for retirees in Bank. Only military and NIS participants can get a mortgage. For the latter, a guarantee is necessary, and the proposed sum of 1 million rubles from Bank is unlikely to be sufficient for the purchase of housing.

People of retirement age can count on a mortgage with a sufficient amount only if the amount of the first installment is 20%. According to current Bank conditions, pensioners can get a mortgage loan only with large amounts of pension accruals or high additional income.

Since most other organizations do not give out mortgage loans to pensioners at all, they have to use what they have. The most profitable mortgage for persons of retirement age in Bank is with support from the state. This program was extended to 2017, but the interest rate on the loan was changed, which this year was 11.4%.